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Blog of root
root - Michael Palazov
If you have problems or technical questions please send message to me. Use the M...
Using this site - ask the admin
If you have technical questions about this site and especially if you think their answers could be of some use to the ohter visitors - place them as comments to this posting. The answers will be put here or in the QA section depending on how general the question is.
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How to embed YouTube movies (05/28/2010)

Replace the URL with the address of the movie's page in YouTube and optionally replace the 250x200 size with the movie size you deem best.

Small bug in Favorites (tracking) has been corrected (05/28/2010)

Sorry about that :( If you have had problems adding new items in Favorites (tracking them) this was the problem - a little mistake remained unnoticed for a long time.

(the entry has no text in the current language) (05/29/2009)